Groupon Update

Hey —

You got a sec?

You’ve been hearing a lot from us lately on how important it is to raise funds for us to give children in our network swimming lessons.

And, honestly, we really, really want to hear from you – and your friends, what great memories do you have that involve swimming?  Lazy weekends by the lake?  Pool parties?  Boat rides? You get the idea.  Get over to the Sibling House Facebook page and share your story and photos you have!

So, if you’ve got a few minutes, please grab your camera, smart phone or laptop, and just share your memories with us! Nothing fancy — we don’t care about CGI effects, lighting, or an over-the-top music score. Just speak from the heart.

Oh! I almost forgot… wouldn’t it be great if we could make some of those memories for a child?  Our campaign runs until Tuesday, August 14th and can be found at:

Spread the love! Share our campaign news and process on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, as well as through good old fashioned email!  Our Facebook page can be found at: