Board Bio

Michael & Lynne Gaskill

Co-Founders/Executive Director/Programs Director

Michael & Lynne Gaskill have been Foster Parents since 1991. It was through their early experiences as foster parents when they discovered that siblings in foster care were being separated because there weren’t enough homes available that could take siblings. At that time they began to take siblings and the experience and challenges of caring for groups of siblings provided the inspiration to help other foster homes do the same. This was the beginning of what is now known as The Sibling House Network with Michael & Lynne’s homes as the first of what is now 309 homes. The Gaskills have two birth daughters, and have adopted 6 foster children , 4 of whom are siblings. All of their children are involved in various ways with Sibling House.

Jessica Clem – President, Board of Directors

As the second daughter of Michael & Lynne, Jessica learned first hand what the challenges of foster care can affect a foster home. It was through those experiences that Jessica gained an appreciation for what foster children often go through before and during their time in the foster system. That appreciation is what inspires Jessica to continue involvement in working to keep together, and improving the lives of,  siblings in foster care.  Jessica has served as  Treasurer, Vice President, and now President on the Sibling House Board of Directors. Jessica and her husband Tyler, also involved in assisting with Sibling House, have 3 daughters and live near Sibling House.

Susan Feldman -Vice President, Board of Directors

Susan first became involved in Sibling House while assisting us to produce on annual auction fundraiser several years ago. Becoming involved in that capacity caused her to understand more completely the challenges foster children face, and the need for support that foster families require. Her experience on numerous boards in the Puget Sound area is an additional bonus in that she fully understands the cooperation  and oversight that all charities need to operate within, while blending together the vision and mission statement of the charity. Susan is a successful and full time real estate agent working for Keller Williams Kirkland Real Estate firm. During her time away from real estate, Susan  enjoys travelling, exercising her dog, and time with her significant other, Brett.

Lynne Gaskill -Secretary, Board of Directors

Along with her duties as Program Director for Sibling House, Lynne combines her impressive skills in listening, recording, and documenting the numerous details of operating a charity with reporting to the Board the progress and goals of Sibling House. Additionally, Lynne communicates with other members of the Board along with individuals and businesses that contribute to Sibling House. Lynne also acts as the Registered Agent for the organization.

Amanda Fuentes – Treasurer Board of Directors

Amanda moved to the beautiful Pacific Northwest over 10 years ago to finish her degree in Culinary Arts.  She has worked at several nonprofits and has the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life.  Amanda has been Treasure of Sibling House for the past 4 years and has been volunteering at Sibling House for 10 years! When she is not working, Amanda enjoys spending time with her son exploring our community.

Lori Church-Pursley -Branch Director – South County Distribution Site

Lori Church-Pursley is a volunteer Branch Director of Sibling House in Renton, WA. Lori and her husband Mark have been foster parents since 2008, and they accepted their first sibling set a couple years later.  The girls came with nothing and needed clothes, shoes, toys, a car seat, diapers, and more.  Feeling overwhelmed, they finally found Sibling House.  In gratitude for help their foster daughters had received, Lori cleaned out their garage and turned it into our South County Distribution Site in 2012!  She works for a nonprofit in the area of hunger relief and volunteers for several organizations including leading a Girl Scout Troup.  Her family keeps her busy the rest of the time.