Sibling House is dedicated not only to providing a haven for children, but also to raising the public awareness of, and to help contribute to the education of, the general populace about foster care and the entire foster care system. This includes identifying, and providing support, through our Mentoring and Outreach Program to other foster homes that provide care to siblings in foster care.

The Mentoring and Outreach Program

Typically, 40% of foster parents quit the program during the first year. The primary reasons are the financial burden and frustration of working with the system. Combining the experience of Sibling House, and veteran foster parents from the Sibling House Network, we can provide guidance and material support to foster parents willing to take sibling groups.

Project Sheltering Tree

Studies show that nearly 50% of children in foster care fail to graduate from high school. Project Sheltering Tree provides academic advocacy, and tutoring, for foster children in the Sibling House Network. Tutors work in partnership with homeroom and special education teachers and foster parents, to advocate for the needs of the child and to complement the programs already in place. Since it’s inception, Project Sheltering Tree has provided 485 hours of tutoring to 29 kids.

Enrichment Program

There’s more to life than food and shelter. Donations to Sibling House make it possible to offer activities that improve foster kids lives. Swimming lessons, little league, the theater, museums, Woodland Park Zoo, Safeco Field, and more, all help to enrich the lives of these less fortunate children.

Outdoor Experience Program

This program focuses on offering the children and families of The Sibling House Network the opportunity to participate in the many natural resources and experiences of the Pacific Northwest. For example, a Sibling House Network camping weekend to Camano Island State Park.


This is just a snapshot of what Sibling House offers. Please contact us for more information. Sibling House is a 501c3 organization and listed on the Washington State Charitable Solicitations Register.