Thank you so much for the support you have given our family. Our 3 foster girls have been blessed by your generosity and our whole family appreciates it. From clothing, the dresser, Dakota’s Brand New Bike and the tickets to the Ugly Duckling play have been so wonderful. The work you do helps us to be better at the work we do as parents. Thank you from all of us!

The Anderson Family

Thank you for the fun party, books and gifts for the kids. They really look forward to the party. It’s the highlight of the season!

Thank you for all your work on behalf of foster siblings!

All the best,
Darryl and Donette

The sibling house mass e-mailings are productive in placing kids!!!

I was able to get  3 teen boys placed and one transgendered child here in my area for Snohomish county.

The transgendered kiddo is on cloud nine w/ the placement option and the LONG wait for suitable placement is over.

Lewis County still has TONS of homes open for foster to adopt 0-6. I know a few that would interested in siblings.The relationship formed through the placement e-mailings has also helped other countries place kids and promote some ‘repairing’ of working relationships between a couple different counties.

So, answer to the question if SH is helping Kids? YOU BET! In the last month, just in my little word down here, we’ve been able to place 4 kids that nobody thought the would be able to place, one of which has been waiting in limbo for several months because suitable placement could not be found. Now that teen is starting HS completion, beauty college, looking at design school, and is placed in a home where his choices and dreams will be supported.

Thanks again for all you do!!!

Dear sibling house,

Thank you for hosting the party. It was very fun! My favorite parts of the event is when you can go shopping for Usborne books and when you get stockings full of toys (And I also like the pizza) Thank you again!