Children’s Book Author Party

On March 9th childrens author and illustrator Michelle Nelson-Schmidt presented a book signing for kids and caregivers in the Sibling House Network. All the kids received a three book signed set and a Whatif Monster.

Approximately 50 kids and 25 caregivers attended this first annual event where Michelle talked about the challenges she faced growing up and how she became inspired to write and illustrate a set of books about meeting challenges and developing an attitude about never giving up. She read her book “Jonathon James and the Whatif Monster” and gave a whatif monster stuffed doll to all the kids in attendance.¬† Everyone had a great time and we look forward to another “Author in House” event in Spring 2014.

Thanks Michelle for taking time out of your busy schedule to make time for the kids! You’re the best! Visit Michelle’s web site at